Monday, 15 October 2012

Just Stop!

Sometimes I need to get really still
to discover my longitude and latitude.

Just like a wrist watch with low batteries 
starts to tell the wrong time.
A captain with a faulty compass will drift off course; 
which can make for a hell of a journey. 
Throw in the anchor, ’til she finds her bearings! 
Break out the flotation device. Bob and navel gaze, 
until your spirit refuels and you can tread and pull again.

Getting still, helps me get back on the move. 
I find my center by following the ache within the ache
 within the ache ... back home.
I bear witness to whatever lovely and inglorious
 truths lay exposed in my head and heart. 
And that kindness helps me rediscover my True North
 - Love - and I’m on my way again. 

Then I have stillness in motion. 
Inner quiet amid the day’s noise and necessities. 
This state is neither fixed or final. 
But its effect is clear and immediate. 

We are only human. 
The pause, is just as essential as the inhale and exhale.
 Maybe there’s no sticky mat rolled out, 
and you’re not dressed in your stretchy Lulus, 
but you are in your yoga. It’s all practice. 

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Love Jenn

Peace and quiet help a lotus to bloom in the muck.
Photo taken at Yasodhara Ashram in B.C. this summer.