Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Re-treat Yourself

I'm lovin' this sunshine, and these long days of low stress, chillaxin', all yogi-like, in my coveted mobile office. Some days it's on a sticky mat wearing Lulus. Other days I set up my proverbial ink well on a patio or beach, in a backyard or cafe ... wherever I can order an Americano, access WiFi, submerge my senses in a little white noise, breathe like a boob-drunk baby and write my little ol' heart out.

That's how I roll: like a Dixie Chick high on Kombucha, battin' average outta Rat-Race hell.


Summer is a dream, but fall is, and will always be, my favourite season. I love the shift to cool, crunch, and colours; the slow transmutable glow from mellow-yellow to soothing orange to crimson red - like Harvest sunsets that stir the heart into unbridled, exalted prayer for all that Is, May Be and Once Was, upon two times called Forever and Nevermore.

But my favourite thing about fall is retreating!

Yes, folks, mark your calendars for the Fourth Annual Fall Soul Yoga Retreat, Nov 2-4, 2012 at River Lodge in Stony Plain, AB. Join me for a weekend of vinyasa flow and yin-style yoga, organic harvest wine-tasting, nourishing soul food prepared by local Red Seal chef Sally Vaughan-Johnston, in-house spa services and more. 

Treat body and soul, relax and rejuvenate, celebrate Nature's abundance, inner spirit and yoga's clarifying gifts. I can't wait to share this amazing weekend with you! Check out all the deets on my website and the poster below. 

And thank you so much to the following Edmonton and Area studios and shops for their gracious and open-hearted continual support in helping me spread the word about these retreats. Namaste ॐ

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